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Frequently Asked Questions Trial Classes

Q: Do I need a uniform to try a class?

A: No, you do not. Wear comfortable athletic clothing and if any uniform or equipment is needed we can provide you with the necessary items to borrow for the class trial. 


Q: How do I “officially” sign up?

A: You have two options. At the lobby we can sign you up on our IPAD or we can have our enrollment specialist email you the link to sign up. 


Q: Can I watch my child try a class?

A: Yes, our lobby is open for parent viewing. 


Q: How much do classes cost?

A: Class pricing varies depending on how many classes and styles your child is  taking per week. Our front desk or enrollment specialist can inform you on all class options and pricing. 


Q: If my child doesn’t like the class, can they try other classes?

A: Your child is welcome to try a different class in their age group to see which one is the right fit for them. 

Frequently Asked Questions New Enrollment 

Q: Do I have to stay and watch classes?

A: No, you may drop off your child and come back to pick up at the end of class.


Q: How do I purchase uniforms and equipment?

A: Our front desk can assist you with all uniform and equipment purchases 


Q: How do I pay for equipment and tuition?

A: All payments can be made on our parent portal. 


Q: What is belt testing week?

A: Every 6-8 weeks students are assessed on thor skills and promoted to new stripes or belts.


Q: Does belt testing week cost money?

A: Yes and no. Stripe promotions are at no cost. However, if your child is being promoted to a new belt there is a small fee of $20. 


Q: My child plays a seasonal sport, what do I do if their practice times conflict with classes?

A: Our diverse schedule has many class options on many different days of the week. Your child may change their class day to accommodate their seasonal sport practice times. When the sport is over your child is welcome to go back to their original class time.

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